This is the place where you can get even more value from the Guardian Gateway book!



It's called the Activation Experience because it activates
the wisdom and transformation of the book inside you,
creating a difference you can feel right away.


I created this program to help you apply the Transformation Skills in the Guardian Gateway Book to your own unique, specific circumstances:



29 Videos-

One for each Activation Experience


I'll take you through guided journeys, exercises, and processes that will help you connect to your Guardians and become the you you are meant to be.


Over 60 Magical
Illustrated Transformation Sheets


These Transformation Sheets will help you create powerful inner shifts as you connect your own inner wisdom with the power of your Guardians.



We'll do them together!



You get everything included  for $497!


It's like having me at your side supporting you as you bloom into your greatest and most-fulfilled self!








What you'll get:


You'll get 29 videos, each with me sharing the activation experience I've created for every chapter of the Guardian Gateway book



You'll receive my magical, illustrated Transformation Sheets for each chapter, and we'll go through them together in the videos to create shifts and changes you'll be able to feel right away



I'll be at your side,  through the videos, as you activate each Transformation Skill in the book, bringing your beauty and your gifts more fully into the world!





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the act of making something start or making it start working






Available in your program portal on 7/13 (Book release day!)


Activation Experience:



Discover Your Shared Dragon Intention



Create an Ongoing Unicorn Connection



Guardian Angels of Your  Relationships



Develop a deeper friendship with Trees



Take Your Place at the Table of Life







Available in your program portal on 7/20


Activation Experience:



Create a Foundation of Self-Love



Open to New Possibilities



Give Yourself Permission



Trust Yourself



Reinvent Yourself



Open to Receive



Find Your True Voice



Make Peace with Where You Are



Upgrade Your Self-Talk



Release the Past







Available in your program portal on 7/27


Activation Experience:



Be Yourself



Free yourself from worrying about What Other People Think



Forgive in a New Way with the Unicorns



Tell Yourself a New Story



Reclaim Your Spark



Focus on What You WANT



Claim Your Boundaries



Enforce Your Boundaries



Become a Caretaker of Consciousness



Support Yourself with Love



Expect the Best with the Dragons at Your Side



Dream Bigger



Moving Forward Together


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