What If There Was a Way for You to Transform & Upgrade:

✓ Your Identity
✓ Your Relationships
✓ Your Alignment with Your Soul Purpose...

... While integrating the Divine Feminine into every part of your life?




Introducing the newly expanded:



Bring the power and beauty of the Goddess into every part of your life

Join us for a program that will bring the Divine Feminine into your life more deeply than ever before.


Each month you’ll be opening your heart to a different Goddess, learning how to integrate Her energy into every part of your life, and getting Her support in:


➔ moving past your blocks

➔ Transforming your problems

➔ Showing up fully as who you’re meant to be


How it works:


The program lasts for a whole year, and you pay as you go on a monthly basis.


Every month you’ll connect deeply to a different Goddess through our materials, getting her support with your identity, your purpose, your relationships, your work in the world, and the things you most want to create.






Baba Yaga




















This full-month immersion in the energy of each Goddess can create a beautiful new beginning in your life, and strengthened by Her love and support, you can show up more than ever as the you you are meant to be, feeling:





and fulfilled,  


fully expressing who you are and what you love.


With  2 Powerful Bonuses


How to Create A NEW Kind of Year - MONTHLY PROGRAM


We'll continue our powerful year-end work with Transformation Guides which we'll go through interactively on each Monthly Mentoring call.

How to Create & Tend Your Goddess Altar


This comprehensive eBook will help you create the physical meeting place where your relationship with the Goddess is centered and tended.


The three pillars that will make a HUGE difference in your life:

Get a direct experience of each Goddess with our special Guided Journeys


Integrate the wisdom of each Goddess through the transformational exercises in our illustrated monthly guides


Get personal support on our monthly mentoring calls, where we'll go through the exercises together, get coaching, and have one-of-a-kind oracle card readings



Use as much or as little of the materials
as you like to connect to the Goddess
in the way that works best for you.

Each month you'll get:


  • 4 NEW Guided Journey Audios


  • An Illustrated Guide with journal pages and transformational exercises 


  • A Monthly Mentoring call with coaching and Oracle Card
    Readings (replays will be posted!)


  •  A bonus call recorded by a Guest-Teacher


Here's what's included in
A Year with the Goddess

You'll get:


1. Access to our beautiful Kajabi portal where you'll find all your Guided Journeys and other materials


2. An Illustrated Monthly Guide with exercises, journal pages, and printed journeys to help you have your own personal experience with each Goddess


3. Interactive Monthly Mentoring calls where we'll go through the exercises together and have Oracle Card Readings 


4.  Bonus How to Create a NEW Kind of Year Monthly workbook that we'll go through on our Monthly Call


5. How to Create and Tend Your Goddess Altar eBook


6. Bonus call recordings from Guest-Teachers


7. Private Facebook Group where you’ll be able to connect with other members and share your new insights and experiences with the Divine Feminine.




$47 Per Month

Monthly Payment

Membership currently closed

You can cancel at any time!

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Are you ready to Transform Your Life?

Join us now, and become part of the sacred space

that we are creating together!


I'll see you on the inside! 

Membership currently closed

Are you ready to Transform Your Life?

Join us now, and become part of the sacred space

that we are creating together!


I'll see you on the inside!

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